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From Dr. Virginia Powel Bay

“Janie and Linda are amazing–On first meeting they were very
informative about the Roanoke area; as we looked at properties and
then started our purchase, they were very knowledgeable and competent
with the process; but most amazingly, even after our purchase, they
have been so helpful in the relocation process–knowing who and where
to call for a variety of services.”

Dr. Powel Bay

Dr. Virginia Powel Bay

From Dr. Kathy Dorey and Mr. Roman Rustia

Janie & Linda’s professional knowledge was invaluable in finding a new home, but their service didn’t end there. Their warm-hearted attention provided the friendly guidance and connections that helped us quickly feel at home in Roanoke.

Dr. Kathy Dorey and Mr. Roman Rustia

From Dr. Gabe and Kristen Gorin

“Janie and Linda were great resources during our transition to Roanoke. Yes, they helped us find a home, but they also taught us a lot about the community. They were responsive to our needs, and they made our first home buying experience a very positive one.”

Dr. Gabe and Kristen Gorin

From Drs. Benga & Kemi Bankole

We moved to Roanoke from New York City and wanted to find a house before we moved down. Janie and Linda made this move much less painful than it could have been. They are both very knowledgeable about the area and were always available for us especially as we couldn’t just pop in to their office. We were able to narrow down the number of houses we would eventually see from the numerous ones we were emailed. We were able to make a decision after two visits to Roanoke. Making the offer was quite nerve racking but they pulled us through it successfully. We are very happy with our house and we have Janie and Linda to thank for this.

Drs. Benga & Kemi Bankole

From Dr. Mike Nolan and Mrs. Debbie Kingsbury

My wife and I recently relocated to Roanoke from Tampa. In looking back, we often think about how difficult this experience would have been without the patient and always pleasant help of Janie and Linda.

We spoke often before our move and as a result they were able to provide us with listings of available homes that would meet our needs. Both Linda and Janie had answers to all our questions about the Roanoke area and the homes we were considering.

During a several day “house hunting” visit they were unbelievably helpful, taking my wife and me to look at numerous homes, giving us tons of information and making sure while in Roanoke that we were fed and had a place to stay. They spent practically the entire time with us and made us feel that we were their only clients. By the end of our visit we had found the home we were hoping to find and had made two good friends in the process.

Their help in preparing for the closing was, again extraordinary. All the arrangements were in place and the closing was the most efficient in our experience.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Janie and Linda were there to help us AFTER we moved into our home. They helped us with a million little details like driver’s license applications, vehicle registration, and contacts with local service people and where to find anything we might have needed to get moved into a new home and neighborhood. The first few weeks and months would have been difficult indeed, without their most friendly and willing help.

Janie and Linda made a difficult transition easy. They were successful in relieving almost all of the anxiety we had about moving into a new area. On top of that, they are the nicest two people in all of Virginia. In retrospect, we couldn’t imagine having made the move without their patient and always pleasant help.

Dr. Mike Nolan and Mrs. Debbie Kingsbury