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Transitions Consulting, Inc.
1141 Welch Road
Roanoke, VA 24015

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Meet Us

Trial without commitment

Invite us to take you on a community tour and introduce you to our valley. There’ll be two people involved, Janie and Linda (more about that later). We’ll show you around as we listen, observe, and ask questions.

During the tour, you can evaluate us as we get to know you. This is the best way to begin to understand how we can help you.

If we connect, that’s great. If not, that’s OK too. It’s just a trial. No commitment.

Two perspectives

Janie and Linda. The collaborators who will work with you. The paradoxical business partners.

Both are licensed, seasoned Realtors. It’s an unusually capable partnership.

Let’s start with Linda Danielle, who moved to Roanoke from California in 1993. She worked in Silicone Valley in human resources while raising her two sons. Next came real estate in 1997. Then came a degree in Counseling. She’s the behind-the-scenes transaction specialist. The consummate real estate professional with an eye for details. You’ll discover that she’s an empathetic listener who hears beyond the words. Her personal transition from California to Virginia helps her quickly connect with those considering a major career move to this area.

Janie Meggers, on the other hand, is a native Virginian who has lived in Roanoke since her college days, working as both a social worker and teacher. Her experience in these professions coupled with her knowledge of the Roanoke Valley makes her an exceptionally valuable real estate professional. She’s deeply committed to the community, and you’ll find that her passion is helping you find a sense of “home.” She’ll be your comfortable and caring liasion as you consider a transition to this area.

As business partners, Janie and Linda are inseparable. Maybe you’ve encountered this phenomena before…the kind who finish each other’s sentences and often share the same “aha” moments.

But more importantly, they are invaluable advocates for your potential move. More than likely, you’ll find yourself coming back to them long after your business dealings are formally completed. In fact, many of their past clients have developed into long-lasting friends.

Perhaps this is why they’ve never aggressively advertised their services. Word-of-mouth seems to do the trick.