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Transitions Consulting, Inc.
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Why We’re Different

Transition Consultants?

Moving to a new area is a transition of significant magnitude. There are dozens of things to evaluate. Job, schools, leisure activities, community connections… everything’s affected.

Finding a suitable place to live is just one of many things that needs to be considered.

As you enter into the process of relocating, would you breathe more easily if you knew someone who could help you sort through the confusing, and often conflicting decisions? Someone who would role up her sleeves and help you through your transition?

Someone totally focused on your personal interests?

Well, that’s what Janie and Linda offer. The term they’ve chosen to characterize their services is pretty descriptive. They’re “Transition Consultants.”

They learn about your unique needs, and then help you find answers and solutions. They become knowledgeable and caring partners.

Through them, you’ll have access to information and contacts that can only be gained by those who have lived and worked here for many years. And you’ll operate within a trusting, confidential setting where you are free to discuss and evaluate.

It’s a simple, yet elegant solution to a need.