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Transitions Consulting, Inc.
1141 Welch Road
Roanoke, VA 24015

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What exactly do we offer?

The answer is easy…and it’s also quite difficult. Because at the core of our services you’ll find a paradox. We conduct business in a way that at first glance appears to be self-contradictory.

Yes, we’re licensed Realtors. You’d expect us to be knowledgeable, connected, and professional. And we are. So the end-result of your working with us may appear to be your finding a suitable home in the Roanoke area.

But our passion is not selling real estate. That’s only a by-product of what we really do.

Our specialty is networking and resource matching within a safe and trusting environment. We’re passionate about introducing you to our community and business partners. We get excited about connecting you with this area.

OK. How do we make a living? By helping you find a home, of course. So if the business of real estate isn’t our primary goal, why are we among the area’s top producers?

That’s the paradox. By focusing on the process, the end result takes care of itself. Click on “about us” above to read more. See how we will collaborate with you.